Activate My Street

Once engaged and trust is built with their neighbours and the community after Meet My Street events we invite residents to Activate My Street through:

  • residents organising social, cultural, sporting, and environmental activities;
  • signposting people to support and advice services;
  • recruiting volunteers for voluntary groups and charities;
  • engaging people with public consultations and the more formal political system.

Sharing Street on sharing knowledge and skills on DIY, bike/car maintenance, cooking, IT, dancing, arts, or languages.

Play Street improving adult volunteering and attitudes to children's play, including through play lounges.

Green Street on travel choice, cycling, car sharing, gardening and energy conservation.

Car Free Street on aiming to reduce the impact of vehicles and traffic in our lives.

Fit Street on street exercise clubs and games, walking and diet.

Safe Street on community resilience, first aid, traffic calming and neighbourhood watch.

Arts Street on reinterpreting the street through art and raising transport related issues.

Participation Street on jointly setting up collective street-led services or neighbourhood renewal and governance processes.

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