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Dancing in the Street

Streets Alive has promoted and organised traffic-free street events since 2001, having being inspired by the car free day movement with the aim reducing the impact of vehicles on our lives.

The events give people a chance to enjoy their street as a social space, sometimes just for the social fun of it, and often to think about non-car travel choices.

The more traffic and parking, the less liveable our towns and neighbourhoods are. Key research that we supported shows that friendships on busy traffic streets are a quarter of quiet streets.

There are 3 scales of events that we have supported:

Neighbours' Street Parties

Streets Alive is the national group that promotes these iconic events. Our gives practical advice for residents and councils.

Our detailed work with the Government and many councils has ensured that residents can organise them with limited paperwork etc.

Our Traffic and Roads Guide gives residents ideas for reducing traffic in their streets.

Some residents hold street parties to highlight the problems of traffic and parking in their street, and some take action about it.

A practical idea to have less cars is to share car use with a neighbour as in our special car share guide. This involves you being a named driver on another's insurance.

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Streets Alive
Streets Alive

Community Street Events

Community events, festivals, fairs, carnivals etc. bring people together.

There are good reasons to hold them in a traffic-free street:

  • Streets are open and 'owned' by everyone and so very accessible
  • Communities normally suffering from traffic can be opened up
  • Neighbourhood shopping centres can be revitalised by a traffic-free event
  • They provide new sites for local street markets which are very popular

Once the traffic is cleared the space opens new possibilities for community activities, particularly in areas needing regeneration - their image can be improved. Communities of different ethnic origins sometimes use streets in different ways, drawing on their own culture.

Contact us for advice on how to organise a community street event.

Town Centre Events

Streets Alive organises and promotes culturally based traffic-free events in town and city centres.

Our approach is to attract a wide range of the public with enjoyable and relevant activities and then engage them in local and wider issues such as non- car travel options. The events create positive feelings about the town in the context of the street, rather than being a commercial event or a carnival.

Our model has worked successfully in Bristol in annual events since 2001, with an average of 6000 people attending. 7 streets in Bristol's old city centre are closed to traffic for a day, in partnership with Bristol City Council. More recently this was part of Bristol's Make Sundays Special.