Fit Street

Using Meet My Street events can be used to make connections between people to support each other on a regular basis in exercise, games and sports.

Street games

Streets Alive encourages sports day style events in the street or local park, including coinciding with, national and international sporting events.

Street parties always have lots of games for all ages to join in together. Streets Alive offers help to local community organisations in projects using street games in street parties to improve health and community cohesion, especially in less confident communities. Neighbours can devise their own events – from egg and spoon races to kabaddi – and compete against other streets. This could be part of the Community Games in the West Midlands.

Here is an example from a very organised community:

Ideas in development

  • Sport meet ups and exercise clubs
    Evidence shows that motivating and sustaining regular exercise depends upon building social relationships that support and reinforce commitment and enjoyment. In China groups of tightly synchronised neighbours performing morning tai chi are a common sight on many street corners and public spaces. Streets Alive is exploring what scope there is for street based exercise clubs in the UK; from meeting up with a running, walking or cycling buddy, to kick-abouts or Frisbee in the park, to residents sharing the cost of a personal trainer to put them through their paces in a park.
  • Streetscape fitness programme
    Gyms are often expensive to join and can become dull. Streets Alive is keen to explore how the streetscape can become a more engaging and inclusive outdoor exercise environment, from parkour to gardening and conservation work parties.

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