Participation Street

Once residents feel engaged and more positive about their area after Meet My Street activities, they are often much more open to engaging in wider activities for their neighbourhood.

  • Neighbourhood engagement
    Street parties are an effective way to reach and engage people in a positive way that get beyond the usual 'grime' issues that can dominate local community politics and debate. Streets Alive has run a number of successful projects which have engaged people in neighbourhood renewal and governance processes.

Ideas in development

  • Street services:
    Everyday neighbours perform millions of small acts of public service from keeping an eye on a neighbour's house when they are away, to looking after a neighbour's children after school, to lending power tools. Streets Alive is keen to explore what the potential for and value of developing this wide range of informal services into more formal collective street-led services, from childcare mutuals, to composting, to care for the elderly.
  • Growing Trust
    Trust is one of the most important assets that a community can possess. Its presence helps to foster democratic participation, economic success and efficient public service delivery. Its absence can make everyday life impossible. In recent years trust between people and of institutions has dramatically declined. Streets Alive would like to explore how self-organising different street-based events and promoting an active neighbourly culture can help rebuild trust at street level and what impact this has on wider public policy priorities including rates of participation in neighbourhood governance and levels of trust in public institutions.

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