Street Play Programme

Streets Alive offers a Street Play Toolkit to residents and also a training Programme for play services that support them.

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Children are kept from playing outdoors due to traffic dangers, amongst other things. As a result, parents limit them from playing freely and meeting other children. At the same time children are often the lubricant for adults to meet and build community spirit.

Our Street Play Programme is a practical solution in which parents and other adults can work round the traffic problem and still support children of all ages to play in their street, in each others' houses or anywhere else locally. It includes a range of different Street Meet events for adults and children to get to know each other and to enjoy playing in their street. For these events we have a Street Play Pack of specially selected equipment which encourages play between all ages. Once trust is built adults can organise more street play events and things like Play Circles, Toy Swaps and trips to play venues.

Training and advice to play services of councils and groups is available from Streets Alive. It focuses on engaging new adults to support play using our low cost Street Play Programme in a targeted area. Contact us.

The Programme is based on our years of experience of street parties and play projects. These include working with Bristol City Council Play Services and the Department for Education. The project showed that 38% of adults were more positive about children playing in the street after street parties. Also 73% said they would be interested in volunteering in play. See more here.

Bristol is the UK's street party capital and the City Council is trialling a Temporary Play Street Order for residents to regularly close streets for short times during the week. This has been developed by Playing Out who we are working closely with. They support residents to organise these particular street play sessions.

Streets Alive also advised and trained on London Play's 3 year Street Play Project in which 100 new street play events were supported.

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