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Age Friendly Streets Campaign Results

09/02/2015 15:11:14

First results of the campaign are very positive

Residents welcome Streets Alive’s Age Friendly Streets campaign and think that it could help reduce isolation of older people, according to our survey of 126 residents in 15 streets.

The campaign for small acts of neighbourliness was launched in autumn 2014 in Bristol with full local media coverage, along with our site

55 streets had the campaign leaflet to introduce the idea and offered the activities Toolkit. 13 streets were door knocked to encourage participation.

93% said it is a ‘good idea’, especially the campaign name and flyer which prompted residents to think about relationships between age groups in their street. Talking to staff about ideas was also welcomed.

In conclusion 67% said that the campaign ‘could generally help to reduce isolation of older people’. 29% of those surveyed were over 65 years old.

Parcels act as social glue for mixing generations, with older residents taking in delivered parcels for younger neighbours who shop online.

In addition to raising awareness, 18% had taken some action as a result of the campaign, including chatting more with neighbours, helping in the house, 17 were planning Christmas get-togethers, and many want a street party next summer.

Ask us for more detailed results of the survey.

Contact Streets Alive for support in developing the campaign locally in your area.

Some quotes by residents:

Joan aged 78: “The name ‘Age Friendly Streets’ says it all and it makes you think.”

Thelma 81: “This campaign is what we need. It’s a positive a reminder to think about it. I make an effort with lots of younger people, taking in parcels and reminding them about recycling day.”

Heather 29: “Nice thing to encourage and is positive. It stops us being ground down by negative stories about neighbours.”

Pete 37: “Our ageing society is a big problem. This is a good approach – putting people in touch.”

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